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Richard “Dick” Iverson Estate

When: Saturday April 22 at 10 am

and Sunday April 23 at 11 am

Inspection: Friday April 21 from 10 to 5

Where: Midwestern Shooters Supply/Auction Specialists

191 Church St. Lomira, WI 53048


OVER 500 GUNS, 60 Colt’s, 40 S&W’s, 25 Ruger’s, 35 Remington’s, 10 Marlin’s, 40 Winchester’s, 20 Browning’s, and other brands including Berettas, Savage’s, Ithaca’s, Thompson Center, Hi-Standard, Mossberg, Weatherby, Glock, Kimber, Henry, Uberti  

Some examples: Colt Banker’s Special .22 Nickel, Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 Engraved, S&W Chief’s Special Target, S&W 650 3” .22WMR, Marlin 1895 45-70, Remington Tournament Skeet Set .410 & 28Ga.  Remington SP-10 10 Ga.  Dan Wesson 375 Super Mag, Inglis Canada Hi-Power, Ruger KRH44 Redhawk 44 Mag, Ruger #1RSI 7x57, Browning Gold 10 Ga. Semi-Auto, Browning SA .22LR Takedown-Belgium, Winchester 94 Bi-Centennial Limited Edition, Winchester 9422M, Sako A IV  Deluxe 25-06, Weatherby Mark V Deluxe .300 WM


Note to all buyers: All Transactions require either on site FFL Transfer or a 4473 and Federal/State Background Checks.  All Wisconsin & neighboring State Laws apply!


More information and pictures coming soon at


Auction Specialists PO Box 100 Lomira WI  53048

191 Church Street Lomira WI 53048

920-921-2901 or

Phil Majerus – Reg. WI Auctioneer#676

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